About CoorpID

Our Mission

Ever increasing regulations have created a complex KYC environment with a rise in duplicate requests, documents getting lost in emails and where status updates are a black-box. This takes time away from doing work that matters. We at CoorpID have been working in the financial industry for years and understand that time is money. So, we decided to create a single secure digital vault for corporates to easily store, manage, share and synchronize their KYC documents with multiple business partners.

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Our Team

We are CoorpID and we are dedicated to making your working day more fun by simplifying the KYC process.

Job den Hamer

“Enough is enough. Let’s make doing business fun again.”

Job den Hamer, CEO

During the 25 years of working in banking Job spent at least 3 years of asking for the same KYC documents over and over again. That’s why he decided to make KYC simple.

Dave Spruijt

“Simplify and innovate.”


Dave Spruijt, business development

I am entrepreneurially minded, always looking for solutions and improvements for the entire process. Information and Products needs to be clear, less is more.


“The best would be if it becomes a global standard ‘COORPID verified’ and contains the most updated and verified data”
“It’s a great interactive tool that would provide greater transparency for both parties.”
“All documents are all in one place instead of spread over multiple programmes and e-mail messages”
“I only have to update it one time, instead of answering 30 times the same question. I see myself using this tool, it makes me very happy”.