Empower your team collaboration company-wide with CoorpID

Simplify the KYC process with CoorpID and enable your team to receive, review and delegate documents.

Step 1: Get started

Setup your team

Accept requests from team members or invite them to join to start collaborating. You will be able to manage your team from a centralized hub.

Step 2: Review documents

Comment and review your clients’ documents

Review all information required for the KYC process from one single place. Notify your client about the status of each document and highlight the ones that need assistance.

Step 3: send special requests

Request for additional information

Whenever you have specific questions or require additional KYC documents, CoorpID will guide you to create and send the request directly from the tool. No more painfully long email threads.

Step 4: Always on track

Track progress for all your clients in one single view

Get a structured overview of your relationships with multiple clients. Understand upcoming review cycles and prioritize your next actions in the KYC process.