1. Invite for review

In CoorpID you can invite a client to use CoorpID for document sharing in the CDD process. To do this, first go to the configuration wheel on the top right corner. Then go to the ‘Access management’ menu. Here you will find a tab called ‘Invites’, where you find an overview of all the corporations you have invited. On the right-hand side, the ‘Invite for review’ functionality is positioned. When inviting a new corporation, you will be asked to fill in an e-mail address, entity name, and you can write a message for the corporation to read. You also can allocate the corporate to a team which will work with the corporate. 

Corporates will receive an email notification of the invitation. Via that email they can activate their account. When they have activated their account, the corporate is automatically linked to the team you allocated the corporate to. From that moment the corporate can start sharing documents. NB it is also possible that the corporation already has an account, but did not share the entity yet, which was invited to do the review.