CoorpID Review 2.0 for

At CoorpID, we are constantly working on improving our product and developing new features based on our expertise, KYC/CDD best practices and customer feedback. 

Multi entity KYC

Our aim is to minimise your KYC burden and further simplify and streamline your KYC journey. Our new release CoorpID Review 2.0 contains a number of exciting new features and improved functionalities.

With this new CoorpID Review 2.0 functionality Corporations can:​​

Improved workflow

Enjoy an improved workflow thanks to the reduction of manual and repetitive actions

Multiple entities

Reply quickly and efficiently to information requests concerning multiple entities

Perform bulk actions

Accept invitations from banks and other financial partners for multiple entities in an instant

One click validation

Confirm that a document is still valid by simply checking a box

Save document in entity vault

Instantly store newly uploaded documents in each entity’s CoorpID vault

Re-use documents from vault

Reply to a request by selecting documents from the entity’s CoorpID vault

Improved Partner Overview

We also improved the Partner Overview which is the starting point to invite external partners, view partner information and view reviews. You have a clear overview of all partners you are sharing information with via CoorpID and you can immediately see the request’s status, actions that are required and to whom it has been delegated. With the new sorting function, you can easily see the latest activity in a review, for example when your partner is reviewing your answers. In addition, the audit log has also been improved to better keep track of all actions on CoorpID. 


Save time on every KYC review

Guided Review Editor for Corporations.

Guided Review Editor for Corporations. 

In this new release, we also introduced the ‘Guided Review Editor’, a step-by-step editor to help you handle your first review with your partner, enabling you to swiftly link your entities to your partner and start answering your partner’s KYC information request. 

With the Guided Review Editor, you can prepare and reply to your partner in 4 easy steps: 

  1. View the information request from your bank or business partner (first time information request with optional due date).
  2. Link / add entities requested by your bank or business partner with new smart suggestions assistance.
  3. Upload the requested information to your personal CoorpID vault (if this information is not already stored in your vault).
  4. Send a reply to your bank or business partner or delegate a task to a colleague.

Review Page

You can easily monitor the status of your KYC review on the ‘Review Page’ that contains a detailed overview of the information that you have shared for each entity and the status of this information request. In case you have made a mistake in one of your answers, you have the possibility to revoke that specific answer and your partner can resend the request. 

If you have any questions regarding these new functionalities please consult our updated User Guides or contact our Customer Success Department at We welcome any suggestions that you may have for further improvements or additional functionalities. We appreciate your feedback as we are strong believers in cocreation as a product innovation accelerator.