Sharing documents

Updated on October 26, 2021

In order to actually share the uploaded documents with your partner, the following steps are required:

  1. On the Relationships page, select the documents you would like to share with the partner by clicking the checkboxes.
  2. Select the orange button ‘Share selected documents’.
  3. Give consent.
  4. Share documents.

The partner is now being notified and will be able to see your shared documents. At a later moment you can always share new documents, it’s not necessary to share everything at once.

For external partners, the above is applicable too. However, instead of sharing documents directly via CoorpID, you have two different options:

  1. Download a ZIP file with the selected documents, which you can use to send via your own channels.
  2. Send an encrypted link with SMS-verification to the partner. For this option, you will need the email adress and the mobile phone number of  your contactperson. The contactperson from your partner will receive an email link to the documents on CoorpID and an SMS verification code. The documents can only be accessed by providing the SMS code. You will receive a notification once the partner has downloaded the documents.