Your role as a Back office CoorpID Admin

Updated on August 26, 2021

Corporates share information on CoorpID for CDD purposes. This information can be sensitive. Therefore, it is essential that the documents shared, are only visible to the people who should have access. To facilitate this, different roles with different permissions are available in the tool as well as the possibility to have teams. The main roles are Team Manager, Member and Contributor. The Admin role can be an add-on to of each of these roles.

An overview of the different roles and responsibilities can be found in Settings > Access Management > Roles & Responsibilities.

CoorpID is divided in Business units. Business units are divided in teams. The Admin role is applicable on Business unit level. For every Business unit there is at least one front office admin and one Operations admin. As Operations Admin in CoorpID, your main responsibilities are to make sure the right KYC specialists have access to the right Business unit as well as the right teams.

To add users to CoorpID, navigate to ‘Access Management’, select the ‘Users’ tab. Here the button ‘Invite new user’ is to be found. When this is selected, a pop-up screen opens. To add one user, the details of the user can be populated and a Business unit and team can be selected. There is also an option to add multiple users at once. For this, select in the same pop-up screen the ‘Upload user list’ functionality. To upload a list of users, provide an Excel document with in column 1 the first and last name per user and in column 2 the email address of the user. Then select a user role. Note, all the users that are added by means of the same user list, will have the same CoorpID role. Lastly, select the Business units and teams the users should be part of. It is also possible to choose ‘select all Business units’ and ‘select all teams’, to add the users to every team in every Business unit.