Your role as a CoorpID Team Manager

Updated on January 11, 2022

The main responsibility of the Team Manager is to make sure the right corporations and the right partner users are assembled in the same team, so corporate documents are only visible to the users that should have access to those documents. The workload of a Team Manager is relatively high, but the role is indispensable.

Teams are centered around Parent Account Managers. Together with the Parent Account Manager, Clients, Local Account Managers, associate Account Managers, and KYC specialists a team is formed.

To be able to connect the right partner users and corporates, Team Managers have some functionalities at their disposal that are unavailable for Members and Contributors.

The first functionality and responsibility of the Team Manager is that new partner users are being invited to CoorpID and a team. This can be done at the ‘Users’ tab, which also can be found under ‘Access management’. At the ‘Users’ tab there is the ‘+ Invite new user’ functionality. When using this, you will be asked to fill in details, define a specific user role, and assign the new user to a team. A user can also be added to a team by going to your team overview. To do this, you navigate to the ‘Teams’ tab and select one of the teams. Here you can find the ‘Edit team’ functionality. Team members can be added to and deleted from the team. It is possible that partner users are allocated to multiple teams


Next to adding users to a team, you are responsible to add corporates to your team. Under ‘Access management’ you can find the tab called ‘Corporations’. Here is an overview of all the corporations that have an activated account in CoorpID. You can find corporates by scrolling or using the search functionality.

Next to the corporation’s name, you can assign this corporation to the team of which you are Team Manager. Corporates can be added to multiple teams.