User guides

Allocate a status to a document or package

Document status

Each document in the package has a status which can be changed once the document has been opened: ​  

 ​ The different statuses that can be allocated to the documents are:  

  • ‘Reviewed’: the document is complete and will be used as evidence in the review process ​  
  • ‘Not required’: the document will not be used in the review process ​  
  • ‘In review’: the document needs to be reviewed ​  

When a status is given to a document, the client is informed on this status.  

Information request status

Next to documents and packages having statuses, also the information request has a status:  ​

  • ‘Not sent’: the request for extra information is ready and can be reviewed. The request is not yet sent. Each request can be edited and sent individually or together   ​  
  • ‘Awaiting reply’: the request is sent and therefore it is not possible to edit but only to preview  

Package status

Next to documents and information requests having statuses, also packages have a status

  • ‘Package received’ – package has been received in good order.​  
  • ‘Package verified’ – all necessary documents have been received and verified. When this status is chosen, the CDD process is considered to be finalized.
    It is not possible anymore to contact the client in the CDD process.  

When a status is given to a package, the client is informed on this status.