I want to view and download documents shared by my client

Updated on August 26, 2021

On the CoorpID partner packages page, you find all the corporations you have access to. From the home screen

  1. Click on your own bank name in the left top corner
  2. Select the entity you want to work with
  3. Here you can find all the documents that the corporate has shared with you.

On the righthand side of the page you find a panel, which shows three tabs. The first tab, ‘Info’, shows information of when and by whom the package was shared. In the second tab, ‘Comments, you can add comments relevant to the page. In the ‘Audit log’ tab you can find all the activities that took place on this page. By clicking on the small arrow, the menu collapses.

Preview document and download​

By selecting one of the shared documents, the content can be previewed in the CoorpID environment. The specific document can also be downloaded in the preview mode.  ​

Download all or selected documents

On the relationship page, multiple documents can be selected to be downloaded so that they can be used for the CDD review. You can also select all documents to download all available documents in the package at once.