Stay in control and keep everyone on the same page

Keep all your company's KYC information, communication, and requests in one place. Say goodbye to losing track of documents in painfully long email threads.

Step 1: Get started

Visualize your organization in a simple and structured way

Create the backbone of your organisation and make it easier to find associated individuals and owners using our smart mapping tool.

Step 2: Detail out your organization

Complete your entities with relevant documents and information

Learn which requirements are necessary for each type of business and country. Save time by uploading only once.

Step 3: start new relations

Manage relations with multiple banks

An overview of all your relations in one single place. Prioritize which need attention and stay on track.

Step 4: time to share

Share KYC documents instantly and securely with your bank

Select which documents you want to share and track the status of each document. Our centralised hub notifies you once all the documents are verified.

Step 5: always check your timeline

Keep everyone on the same timeline

See the bigger picture, prioritize tasks and check who has done what regardless of where your team is located. CoorpID guides your team through the KYC process.