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We believe in further standardization of KYC information requests. This would increase the predictability of the process for the customer and the bank. Only collecting and updating the information once and then sharing this information with multiple banks results in huge time savings and thus also lower costs for the customer. A win-win situation for all parties.

We offer several low-cost pilot solutions that aim to build your trust and confidence in our system in a low-risk environment.

If you are interested in partnering and cooperate with CoorpID, and utilizing our platform within your organization, please contact our sales team and request a demo for you and your team.

CoorpId Team

With CoorpID you can:

  • Handle the whole client outreach information-gathering process in a highly efficient, well-structured and secure manner
  • Use the KYC information that your client has stored in its CoorpID vault as the starting point for your desktop research and thus minimise the client outreach
  • Send targeted information requests to clients to obtain the required KYC information for each individual corporate entity
  • Avoid communicating and exchanging confidential and sensitive information via email
  • Easily integrate CoorpID with your existing KYC workflow systems by logging in through the browser or using an Application Programming Interface (API). 
  • Standardise your information requests using the best practices incorporated in CoorpID
  • Improve the KYC customer experience and customer journey