In 2022 we completed a successful proof of concept (POC), together with HCLTech ( to test a number of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that we developed to enable communication between CoorpID and PEGA ( These APIs were designed specifically to facilitate communication with PEGA as this business process management tool is used by leading financial institutions worldwide. The underlying technology can, of course, also be applied to other Business Process Management (BPM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Know Your Customer (KYC) workflow tools.

CoorpId Team

Tried and tested

Using the APIs that were developed for this purpose, HCLTech tested the authentication process, onboarding a new entity in PEGA, collecting data and uploading the relevant documents for the entity in question from the entity’s CoorpID vault, and then updating the document status in CoorpID.

The best of both tools

This successful POC clearly demonstrates that CoorpID can easily be integrated into your existing BPM software solution or KYC workflow tool by means of APIs allowing you to further streamline and simplify your KYC process. You can thus enjoy the benefits of both tools without having to overhaul your existing workflow systems and procedures. Simply plug and play.

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We are happy to announce that CoorpID is now part of Encompass Corporation, the global provider of real-time digital Know Your Customer (KYC) profiles. To explain how this acquisition fits CoorpID's strategy, see the video message of our CEO, Job den Hamer and the press release.