Reduce the KYC burden and streamline your client outreach process

As a bank or financial institution, you have to comply with increasingly strict Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements when onboarding customers, performing reviews, or providing new products and services. As a result, you have to contact your corporate customers frequently to request company information. In particular,  the client KYC outreach process is often a very time- consuming, burdensome and costly process. 

Corporate customers also have to respond to these requests timely and make sure that they provide up-to-date information to each of their financial partners. This can become a real challenge, especially for multi-entity corporations that operate across several geographies and have multiple banking relationships. 

CoorpID offers a web-based platform that helps banks and corporations to easily structure and share KYC company information, across multiple entities.

CoorpID - KYC

How CoorpID is offering value to banks and financial institutions?

KYC requirements are becoming increasingly burdensome for both financial institutions and their corporate clients. Fortunately, CoorpID is here to help. With CoorpID’s centralised secure digital repository, you and your corporate clients can easily store, structure, track and exchange KYC-related documents. Contact us for a demo today and find out just how easy it is to incorporate CoorpID in your KYC process.

CoorpID is a digital vault for requesting and tracking KYC documents

CoorpID was founded and initiated by ING in 2018. Our aim is to minimize the KYC regulatory burden so that financial institutions and large multinational corporations can focus on their core business. 

Reduce your KYC burden and streamline your client outreach process with CoorpID

Icon Track & Trace - KYC for corporates

Stay in control

Track status and control of KYC review requests

Icon Collaborate & Delegate - KYC corporates


Work together with your client on every KYC review

Icon Select & Share - KYC


Use KYC information that your client has stored in its CoorpID vault

Icon Send & Receive - KYC


Easily integrate CoorpID with your existing KYC workflow systems

Global collaboration

Inter-departmental collaboration across the globe

Easy to set-up

Plug 'n play without IT involvement

Focus on what matters

25% average timesaving per KYC review

Safe & compliant

Encrypted storage, GDPR proof and servers that are stored within Europe

CoorpID - KYC request

About CoorpID

Handle KYC requests quickly and efficiently from one central location.

CoorpID was developed within ING’s innovation department, in collaboration with 20 corporate customers from several countries. Since its launch, more than 500 corporate users have used CoorpID to share their confidential KYC company documents with ING and other financial institutions. We are continuously working on improvements and new features based on customer feedback, our KYC expertise, new developments regarding KYC and CDD best practices and rules and regulations. Follow us on LinkedIn or check out the blogs.

These companies use CoorpID

With CoorpID, both financial institutions and their corporate clients can reduce repetitive manual tasks, avoid errors, save time, and cut costs. See what some of our clients are saying about using CoorpID.

Developed together with corporate clients


CoorpID was originally developed within ING’s innovation center in Amsterdam. Together with a sounding board of corporate clients, ING came to the conclusion that enabling corporate clients to store and update their KYC information in a ‘central digital vault’ would be of real added value for the customer as well as for the bank. 

As a result, CoorpID facilitates the client outreach and KYC data collection process, and offers bank-grade security and Chinese walls to control access to information.

Demo & start a pilot

If you are interested in using CoorpID for your organization, please contact our sales team and request a demo.

We offer several low-cost pilot solutions to build your trust and confidence in our system in a low-risk environment.


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CoorpID is a digital vault
for storing and sharing KYC information

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We are happy to announce that CoorpID is now part of Encompass Corporation, the global provider of real-time digital Know Your Customer (KYC) profiles. To explain how this acquisition fits CoorpID's strategy, see the video message of our CEO, Job den Hamer and the press release.