Product updates – November

What’s new for corporate users

Restricting information when accessing documents

  • Corporation users can now restrict access to documents for other users within their corporation. You can now freely upload your sensitive documents and share them with a partner without the worry that people who shouldn’t see the file have access.

Revamping external partner page

  • Improvements are being made to the demo displayed on the partner page, making it clearer that they can contact us for further information on the platform’s functionality.
  • A new animation will pop up with further information on contacting us or viewing the demo.

What’s new for partners

Update to request status

  • Partners can now set the status of requests awaiting a reply to “internally examined” or “reviewed”

Access via partner APIs

  • Partners can now use the platform via API for clients that have already been onboarded.

What’s new for all users

Improved guidance

  • Both corporates and partners will now see a “What’s New” pop-up whenever they log in.
  • Information on “What’s New” will also be retrievable via the support tool. We have added a “What’s New” menu item including information on all previous release updates.

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We are happy to announce that CoorpID is now part of Encompass Corporation, the global provider of real-time digital Know Your Customer (KYC) profiles. To explain how this acquisition fits CoorpID's strategy, see the video message of our CEO, Job den Hamer and the press release.