Store, manage & share your KYC documents

Are KYC requests slowing down your business and affecting your financial maneuverability? Look into how you can reduce your compliance burden and streamline and simplify your whole KYC compliance process with CoorpID and its digital vault.

CoorpID offers a web-based platform that helps corporations to easily structure and share KYC company information with their financial partners, across multiple entities.

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Streamline and simplify
your KYC compliance process with a digital vault

Banks and other financial institutions are having to comply with increasingly strict Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements when onboarding customers, performing reviews, or providing new products and services. As a result, corporations, in particular multi-entity corporates operating across several geographies, are being faced with an unprecedent number of KYC information requests a year from their financial partners. 

When dealing with KYC information requests from banks, multiple departments are involved: Finance, Treasury, Tax, Legal, Compliance. How do you keep an overview of information that was shared?

By using CoorpID in your KYC compliance process you will be able to handle multiple KYC compliance requests for all the entities within your corporation far more efficiently. 

“CoorpID makes it easy to store and structure your KYC company documents and share them with your banks and business partners. ”

Job den Hamer | CEO CoorpID

How CoorpID is is offering value to multinational corporates

These days, multinational corporations are faced with numerous KYC information requests from multiple banks on a daily basis. As a result, KYC compliance is becoming more and more of a burden consuming valuable time and resources that could be employed more profitably elsewhere. Fortunately, CoorpID is here to help. With CoorpID’s centralised secure digital repository, you can easily store, structure, track and exchange KYC-related documents with multiple financial institutions and business partners. Contact us for a demo today and find out just how easy it is to incorporate CoorpID in your KYC process.


Organise your documents

Answer questions and upload your KYC documents to your vault to build a complete company profile


Tailored recommendations

CoorpID provides tailored recommendations, helping you store KYC documents in line with industry standards



Share KYC documents securely via CoorpID with banks and business partners that are not registered on the platform


Audit log

Easily view what has been shared with whom and when in the audit log, and download this if needed


Structured documents

Compile a KYC information package for each corporate entity. Visualise the organisational and ownership structure of each entity


Review status

Stay up-to-date on the status of each shared document file



See all relationships in one clear overview


Select & share

Select documents and share these documents securely with your bank or business partners



Download selected documents if you want to share documents via your own channels

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What would you do with a 25% time savings on handling KYC requests? Take a break? Have an extra walk around the park? Or catch up with other work?

Most important features for corporations:

Relationship overview

  • Be in control of what & when you share with your bank partners
  • Accept relationship requests from business partners
  • Review information requests and status from business partners

*NEW* Review 2.0

Our newest release CoorpID Review 2.0 contains a number of exciting new features and improved functionalities. 

User management

Through the user management system of CoorpID, you can keep track of your users, assign roles, enable and revoke access and delete their account information.

Multi-bank sharing

Share your KYC documents with multiple banks and business partners. Grant non-registered banks and business partners temporary access to your KYC documents.

KYC Quick Scan

How is your KYC process organised within your company? Is it time to streamline and accelerate this process via a central online repository? Or does handling KYC company data requests the old-fashioned way, via email, still work for you?
Find out for yourself by answering the questions in our KYC Quick Scan.

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With CoorpID
multi-entity organisations can:

  • Upload KYC documents to their secure CoorpID vault
  • Compile a KYC information package for each corporate entity
  • Visualise the organisational and ownership structure of each entity
  • Update information on the corporate and/or entity level
  • Handle KYC requests quickly and efficiently from one central location
  • Select documents and share these documents securely with banks or business partners
  • CoorpID is bank-independent, share documents with multiple banks and business partners
  • Share KYC documents securely via CoorpID with banks and business partners that are not registered on the platform
  • Remain in control over who has access to the information that needs to be shared
  • Automatically record all document exchanges and build an audit trail
  • Update KYC information and notify banks and business partners of any changes with a single click
  • Receive automatic reminders of expiry dates
  • Streamline collaboration between departments and teams
  • Collaborate across entities when handling multi-entity KYC requests
  • Assign roles and delegate tasks to colleagues in CoorpID

CoorpID is a digital vault
for storing and sharing KYC information

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We are happy to announce that CoorpID is now part of Encompass Corporation, the global provider of real-time digital Know Your Customer (KYC) profiles. To explain how this acquisition fits CoorpID's strategy, see the video message of our CEO, Job den Hamer and the press release.