Product Updates Q2 2023

Sara Siddiqi, CoorpID

Our PO Sara has created an overview of the most important product updates from last weeks. The features are specifically created for Partner users.

We build a number of improvements for the Review 2.0 flow which we gathered from user feedback, such as;

  • Send messages to your client via review page
  • Schedule and automate the reminders to your client
  • Uploading entities and information requests in bulk
  • You can now set a new internal status: ‘internally examined’ or decide to also communicate the status to the client with status ‘Reviewed’
  • Download evidence shared by your clients in bulk (comments + documents)
  • Add the corporations user roletitle to the review, so the partner can see whether it is a KYC Rep.
  • Add an Entity ID (eg. GRID ID) to your bulk upload of entities
  • Export an overview of statuses related to your reviews
  • Filter options on overview pages

Access management improvements;

  • Team email address is no longer mandatory
  • Team management bulk actions are activated and renewed
  • User management with a prefiltered view of users that are relevant to your business units/teams

Look and feel and performance; 

  • New dashboard and notifications page

Check it out!


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We are happy to announce that CoorpID is now part of Encompass Corporation, the global provider of real-time digital Know Your Customer (KYC) profiles. To explain how this acquisition fits CoorpID's strategy, see the video message of our CEO, Job den Hamer and the press release.