User guides

Add external partners and share documents with them

Add Relationships

To create a new relationship with an external partner on CoorpID, follow these steps:

    1. Select ‘Add new partner’ from the Reviews menu.
    2. Fill in the email address of your contact person.
    3. Fill in the name of your partner.
    4. Choose for which of your entities you want to create the relationship. You can select multiple entities at once to create the relationship with the partner. 
    5. Click ‘Add partner’.
    6. Now, the partner is added to your list of partners on the Reviews page.

Share documents

In order to share the uploaded documents with your external partner, the following steps are required:

On the Reviews page, click on the name of the external partner you would like to share documents with. Then, select the documents you would like to share with the partner by clicking the checkboxes in front of the documents’ names.

Select the orange button ‘Share documents’. 

  1. Give consent.
  2. Share documents.

The partner is now being notified and will be able to see your shared documents. You can always share new documents at a later point in time, it is not necessary to share everything at once.